September 2006 Archives

King Lear at Goodman Theater

I saw director Robert Falls' King Lear tonight at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. The play was simply phenomenal and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a contemporary vision of Shakespeare's darkest poetic drama.

The character of Lear was played by Stacy Keach. I've seen Keach in alot of B-grade films, but here he completely blew me out of the water with the sheer quality of his theatrical skills.

I was very glad we had the chance to see this before it packs up and moves onto another city.

On Kant's Notion of Moral Autonomy

This paper will examine Kant's understanding of the relation among morality, autonomy and rationality with the two-fold aim of offering both critique of and alternative to Kant's epistemological presuppositions and conclusions. It will be argued that Kant's pivotal notions of a cognitively inaccessible noumenal world about which we may only posit that we are members qua intelligence (and thereby autonomous), and that this noumenal realm exists exclusively and innately within the rational subject (thereby making the subject moral "lawmaker") are intuitively unwarranted and arguably false. It will also be argued that pure reason and moral law derive their universality from their objective and transcendent reality within and above the individual. This paper will not address the question of the moral law's content nor will it attempt to offer a theory of how the moral law motivates conformity.