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Scotus sets out his theory of individuation by presenting six questions, each of which addresses its own alternative theory of individuation. The attempt is made to refute the first five, following which Scotus presents his own theory, the sixth, as alone plausible. This paper will examine Scotus' refutation of the first question, in which he argues against the position that "natures of themselves are singular". It is in the context of this discussion that Scotus must defend the three-tiered ontology of natures.

Iggy Pop at Congress Theater - Chicago

When I was in high school, I had the chance to see Iggy Pop when he opened for the Rolling Stones in Detroit. That evening was such a wild experience that I wanted to see him once more while he still has some of his high-octane antics left in him.

He recently played at Chicago's Congress Theater where he literally and irrevocably rocked the house and all its inhabitants. Iggy seems to be made for these smaller venues. He immediately obliterated the traditional "fourth wall" between performer and audience by inviting fans by the droves up onto the stage to help him sing and gyrate until he simply disappeared into the writhing mass of people. Then, when things eventually cooled down a bit after a few numbers and he felt the wall creeping up again, he simply took several running leaps through it from the stage and into the crowds below who were more than eager to catch and pass him around the concert hall atop a sea of tattooed arms.