December 2007 Archives

Christmas Eve in Seattle

Edie and I spent Christmas Eve in Seattle, Washington along with her parents whom we met there. We were the recipients of the generous hospitality of Andy and Margot Gordon. The weather was beautiful and allowed for plenty of walks around Washington Lake, the downtown area and Pike's Market. Here are a few photos I took while there, including a couple of Edie and her folks, Len and Linda.

The Desert in December

During the Winter holidays, Edie and I traveled out West, first to see my folks and then onward to visit Seattle. Although the day temperatures approached 70, the evenings hovered around 40 degrees making me long for the hot desert nights of August.

To add to the irony of heading to the desert in December, Edie and I rode the Palm Springs Tramway up to the top of the San Jacinto mountain, where feet of snow covered the ground. Below are some photos I took while there, including one of Edie and I with my father and step-mother.