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Edie on Chicago Public Radio

For your listening pleasure, check out Edie's latest radio documentary, aired on Chicago Public Radio's "World View".

Baby Care Tips for New Dads

I am proud of my soon-to-be Fatherhood.

I do not take it lightly and have in fact studied baby-stuff for many years, albeit unknowingly. For example, I know (FOR SURE) that an umbilical cord can be cleanly cut with a Magnum .357 in the heat of battle from several yards away. I also know that an infant can be safely/easily dropped from heights of at least seven or more stories into the arms of robotic enforcement officers. I have also learned that if the grandparents have African masks everywhere and creepy music suddenly plays at every mention of my baby's name, my kid is likely the Anti-Christ, and I will die a fiery death in some coincidentally filmed location only seconds away from rescue.

That, of course, is stuff every new dad likely knows from the get-go. The point here is to share NEW info. So here we go. We all love our little baby, but HOW we love that little guy is a mystery I hope to (partially) solve here:

Wedding Photos Galore

For you viewing overload/pleasure, we now have ALL our wedding photos online in our photo gallery.

One collection is the impressive ninja-like work of Maria Foutz. The second collection is from our hired photographers/friends from Creativo.

Sincere thanks to all of you for the great memories.

Click here to see the photo galleries