August 2010 Archives

New Photos added to the Max Gallery

Check out Max's latest poses in the Max gallery. He's growing more quickly than we can chronicle!

Bouncing Max

The trajectory of skill development has been phenomenal. Here Max is three days shy of 5 months and is demonstrating some remarkable motor skills. What I find most striking about this video is that he partially understands/engages with the spinning wheels and spheres. It is amazing how quickly and clearly we can learn the basic mechanics of things.

Bouncing Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Moshing Max

Max is starting to demonstrate he is one part energizer bunny, one part mosher. Here he is 4 months and two weeks old. Of course, once he sees the shiny camera, he is more interested in it than doing his jig, but he busts a few moves for us nonetheless.

Moshing Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.