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Edie's Audio Documentary on WBEZ - Dec 15, 2010

Edie produced a short audio documentary on a group of women who started a knitting group in the 1940s and have been at it since. The founders of the group, which meet weekly at Temple Emmanuel in Rogers Park, are now all over 100 years old. "When I Grow Up, I Want to be an Old Woman" aired on Chicago Public Radio's 848 program December 15, 2010 to positive reviews. You can listen to the piece below.

Audio Documentary

Bath Time is Fun Time

This was taken on January 8, 2011. Max is 9.5 months old and quite adept at navigating the bath tub. This video is rated PG-BB, for frequent appearances of Baby Buns.

Bath Time is Fun Time from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Babies in Cages

This was taken November 2, 2010. Max is a little over 8 months here. We set up a playpen in the living room, and Max seems to enjoy the new standing exercises it allows.

Babies in Cages from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.