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Max and the Botonical Garden's Model Train Village

Grandpa and Grandma from California are visiting this weekend so we headed out to Chicago Botanical Gardens to see their Model Train Village. Max had a blast (until it was time to go...). This was taken 10/8/2011.

Max and the Botonical Garden's Model Train Village from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Edie's Audio Documentary on WBEZ - Dec 15, 2010

Edie produced a short audio documentary on a group of women who started a knitting group in the 1940s and have been at it since. The founders of the group, which meet weekly at Temple Emmanuel in Rogers Park, are now all over 100 years old. "When I Grow Up, I Want to be an Old Woman" aired on Chicago Public Radio's 848 program December 15, 2010 to positive reviews. You can listen to the piece below.

Audio Documentary

Max meets West Coast Grandpa and Grandma

Dad and Marty came for a visit this weekend to see Max for the first time. They all seem to get along very well.

Max meets West Coast Grandpa and Grandma from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Edie on Chicago Public Radio

For your listening pleasure, check out Edie's latest radio documentary, aired on Chicago Public Radio's "World View".

Wedding Photos Galore

For you viewing overload/pleasure, we now have ALL our wedding photos online in our photo gallery.

One collection is the impressive ninja-like work of Maria Foutz. The second collection is from our hired photographers/friends from Creativo.

Sincere thanks to all of you for the great memories.

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Leonard Rubinowitz receives BPI 40 Award!

Edie and I had the pleasure of attending the BPI "40 Who've Made a Difference" Awards where her father, Leonard S. Rubinowitz, was being honored for his notable service in the public interest. The Awards coincide with the 40th anniversary of Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI) , a Chicago-based public interest law and policy center and are intended to "honor 40 of the Chicago region's public interest heroes by shining a light on these exceptional individuals whose efforts have made a significant difference".

Edie and Scott's Wedding Info Page

UPDATE: The wedding was beautiful, fun and far beyond my expectations! Thanks to everyone for making this such an outstanding day for Edie and I!


First off, thank you for visiting this info page. It pertains to a very wonderful and exciting event -- my betrothal to the beautiful and intelligent Edie Rubinowitz. We've created this page as a running list of posts offering as much information as we could muster on various details of our wedding ceremony, reception and related events. If you have any questions that are not answered, please feel free to contact Edie or I directly via E-mail. And feel free to leave a comment below!

Whether from far away or nearby, in spirit or in person, we thank you for celebrating with us!

The Desert in December

During the Winter holidays, Edie and I traveled out West, first to see my folks and then onward to visit Seattle. Although the day temperatures approached 70, the evenings hovered around 40 degrees making me long for the hot desert nights of August.

To add to the irony of heading to the desert in December, Edie and I rode the Palm Springs Tramway up to the top of the San Jacinto mountain, where feet of snow covered the ground. Below are some photos I took while there, including one of Edie and I with my father and step-mother.

Three Foutz Boyz

Three handsome young dudes prowling the wintry streets of Grand Haven.
From left to right: Scott Foutz, Steve Foutz and Jeff Foutz.
(The only one missing here is my younger brother Noel.)

Death of a Matriarch

I received word on Wednesday, January 17th that my Grandmother Foutz had passed away sometime in the afternoon. Amazingly, my father had traveled from California that day and was at the doorstep of the nursing home when she died. She was living in Rest Haven Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a home supported and run by the Plymouth Brethren denomination to which she belonged and raised her children in.

First Overnight Guests in Nine Years

Dad and Marty stopped by Evanston yesterday on their way to Michigan. They spent the night at my place, thereby earning the title of "first overnight guests in nine years". As their prize they received a late Saturday night tour through Chicago's bustling nightlife and strongly brewed coffee on Sunday morning.

Hiking San Jacinto

Here are a few pics of my Dad and niece Ember as they hoof their way through San Jacinto mountain-top terrain. Admittedly, getting from the desert floor to the peak was made much easier thanks to the Tram out of Palm Springs, CA.

Wilbur William White - Happy 94th Birthday!!

While here in the Desert I was able to attend my Grandfather's 94th birthday. Wilbur William White was born on August 26, 1911 to Andrew White and Mary O'Shanks (maiden name). Wilbur married Elinor Fletcher and had three children: Jeannie, Charlotte and Douglas.

Wilbur now lives with his daughter Charlotte, my mother, in Palm Springs, California where he celebrated his latest birthday festivities. [factoid: Wilbur's mother Mary celebrated 100 birthdays before departing this world.]

Here are a few of the pictures I took at his party, with brief descriptions.