Leonard Rubinowitz receives BPI 40 Award!

Edie and I had the pleasure of attending the BPI "40 Who've Made a Difference" Awards where her father, Leonard S. Rubinowitz, was being honored for his notable service in the public interest. The Awards coincide with the 40th anniversary of Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI) , a Chicago-based public interest law and policy center and are intended to "honor 40 of the Chicago region's public interest heroes by shining a light on these exceptional individuals whose efforts have made a significant difference".

The evening consisted of a well-attended reception and awards dinner in the Imperial Ballroom of the Fairmont Chicago. The key note speaker for the event was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a Chicago native. During the awards, a brief description of each recipient's accomplishments was read. The following is what was given to describe Len's work:

Len Rubinowitz is a champion of public interest law. For decades he has applied his legal acumen to the quest for fair public housing policy. Throughout his career, he has actively encouraged his Northwestern Law School students to engage in public interest work, creating courses and programs that are helping to launch the next generation of public interest lawyers.

"Every student who attends Northwestern with the objective of pursuing a public interest career seeks Len's advice... The impact of Len's role as a leader of our Law School's human rights community cannot be overestimated."

Professor, scholar and lawyer, Len Rubinowitz has fought for human rights his entire career. Much of his legal activism and research have focused on housing justice. He helped select the Gautreaux receiver and served as mediator for the Cabrini-Green redevelopment. His books include Low-Income Housing: Suburban Strategies and with co-author Jim Rosenbaum, Crossing the Class and Color Lines: From Public Housing to White Suburbia, which documented and evaluated the impact of the Gautreaux program. Before joining the faculty at Northwestern, Mr. Rubinowitz served as legal advisor and special assistant at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Beyond housing, he has published widely on issues of equity with respect to race and class.

As a professor, Len has been committed to supporting students interested in public interest law by creating and supporting specialized programs and courses at Northwestern. Beyond the influence of his own work, he impacts countless people throughout Chicago through each of his current and former students.

  • Professor of Law, Northwestern University.
  • Legal activism and scholarship on public housing issues, including co-authoring Crossing the Class and Color Lines: from Public Housing to White Suburbia with James Rosenbaum.
  • Began legal career at HUD.
  • Honored with virtually every teaching award at Northwestern Law School, some numerous times.
  • Northwestern's Student Funded {Public Interest Fellowship Program (SFPIF) renamed its grant program "Len Rubinowitz Public Service Fellowships" in his honor.

The entire evening was very well done and enjoyable. It was great to participate in recognizing Edie's dad for his years of work in this area. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and saw several (no less interesting) people I knew. The "celebrity moment" of the evening came when I ran into Illinois Senator Roland Burris and shook his hand.

Sincere congratulations to Len for his outstanding work!

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