Wilbur William White - Happy 94th Birthday!!

While here in the Desert I was able to attend my Grandfather's 94th birthday. Wilbur William White was born on August 26, 1911 to Andrew White and Mary O'Shanks (maiden name). Wilbur married Elinor Fletcher and had three children: Jeannie, Charlotte and Douglas.

Wilbur now lives with his daughter Charlotte, my mother, in Palm Springs, California where he celebrated his latest birthday festivities. [factoid: Wilbur's mother Mary celebrated 100 birthdays before departing this world.]

Here are a few of the pictures I took at his party, with brief descriptions.

My brother Noel dramatically retells the ancient history of the family to the utter disbelief and amusement of his daughter Ember.

This HUGE cake could easily have handled 94 candles and still have room for half the Declaration of Independence written in blue frosting. Although we barely made a dent in this monster dessert, it was VERY good. (And it remained good each of the following six days we all ate chocolate cake.)

Here my mother assures my Grandfather that what he sees in front of him is indeed a cake and not a huge brown coffin.

And what's a birthday without presents? Here Noel and his wife Maria look on wondering if Granpa will like the Led Zeppelin Retrospect DVD they bought him.


Happy Birthday Wilbur! :)

love your pictures...my grandfather turns 94 on october 14th......

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