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Toys for Max

Looking at Max, which I do a lot of, I've been wondering about what cool toys he might enjoy when he gets a little older. Here's a list of things I'm sure he would enjoy.

Look what you can make... WITH MUD!

Baby Care Tips for New Dads

I am proud of my soon-to-be Fatherhood.

I do not take it lightly and have in fact studied baby-stuff for many years, albeit unknowingly. For example, I know (FOR SURE) that an umbilical cord can be cleanly cut with a Magnum .357 in the heat of battle from several yards away. I also know that an infant can be safely/easily dropped from heights of at least seven or more stories into the arms of robotic enforcement officers. I have also learned that if the grandparents have African masks everywhere and creepy music suddenly plays at every mention of my baby's name, my kid is likely the Anti-Christ, and I will die a fiery death in some coincidentally filmed location only seconds away from rescue.

That, of course, is stuff every new dad likely knows from the get-go. The point here is to share NEW info. So here we go. We all love our little baby, but HOW we love that little guy is a mystery I hope to (partially) solve here:

Ponderous Sky

Calming, quiet, yet ominous..


Scott's Fine Art Gallery

Here are some images I created in Macromedia Fireworks.

Say hi to Blue Ernie. He's looking for his arms.

blue ernie

Self Portrait

Central Street Bridge in Evanston

The north branch of the Chicago River flows north through Evanston just before emptying into Lake Michigan. Here's the view of the river from Evanston's Central Street bridge. Ive included a satellite view of the bridge so you can get your bearings.