Toys for Max

Looking at Max, which I do a lot of, I've been wondering about what cool toys he might enjoy when he gets a little older. Here's a list of things I'm sure he would enjoy.

Look what you can make... WITH MUD!

Own a BOWLFUL of Happiness!!

Who doesn't love "Twitchy, Twertchy, Wriggly Things"?

The boy on the box apparently knows NOTHING about Cooties.

I'm sure Mom will love this.


Hey Scott, I looked through moms memory chest and she had some of these toys that belonged to you & Noel. Maybe you should ask her to send them to you. LOL, just kidding. Hey those old toys are better than what they make today.
Kids today don't need to use their imagination due to the high-tech toys out there.

I love checking and finding new pictures of Max. Too bad you didn't have any today. I'll keep checking!


Yes, I do have some favorite toys that I have been waiting a very long time to send to some little grandson. Your favorite toy was the little wooden train set. When ever Max is ready, I will pack it up. I am not too sure about the Sea Monkeys, or the Ant Farm, both could be dangerous or messy if they escaped. Mom

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