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Ibanez AG95 Hollowbody Electric

Ibanez AG95 Hollowbody Electric

After shopping around for an acoustic guitar, I started looking at hollow and semi-hollow body electrics and settled (happily) on this Ibanez. It is a full hollowbody and thus plays well unplugged, but also has a very vibrant sound when run through an amplifier. It is slightly smaller than the classic hollowbody Jazz guitars and has a slightly narrower neck, which when combined make this a very comfortable and playable guitar.

Gibson Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight

1988 Gibson Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight CMT (Curly Maple Top)

This is a guitar I've owned for over 20 years. I purchased it in Grand Rapids, Michigan sometime in 1988. There's very little information available for this particular model online and virtually no markings or serial info on the guitar itself. So I decided to post whatever info I've been able to piece together in case you own a similar guitar and are looking for some background.