Anza Valley, California - UFO Hotspot

As we drove through Anza Valley today on our way to San Diego, my father informed me that this small town has one of the highest occurrences of reported UFO sightings in the USA. (And he was right. According to, the town ranks third in the nation.)

I felt this was a rather remarkable statistic and decided to take a picture of the place. Unfortunately, I failed to find anything out of the ordinary...


i grew up in anza, and knew of this by personal experience many years ago. the people in the desert are stick indians not u.f.o, but from the spirit world. but yes the ufos are there and idyllwild too. peace

I saw the UFO that flew over in 1988. It passed directly over me and had a bright spotlight on me at the same time. It headed toward the San Andreas ridge and disappeared. This thing didn't make a sound. I can see that other people thought that this was just a red orb, but I was directly under it. The red orb was at the center of a giant black triangle. It had 3 bright lights on each corner and I seem to remember lines running from the corners to the center and running along the edges. I use to live in Mountain Center too and remember finding indian runes that had the same identical configuration. I told my foster parents and they thought I was crazy. Tonight, I just watched the movie, "The Fourth Kind" and heard what sounded like my foster mom in the end credits. What ever happened to Micah Ruel?

ive lived there all of my life, never seen anyhting!!!! ppl up there are all on drugs sooooo that might change your opinions

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