Roadtrip 2008 - Destination: Taos, New Mexico

Here's the itinerary and rundown on the road trip Edie and I took in late May, 2008. It was a blast and we had a great time throughout. Below you will find the basic framework and links to the specific days.

Our trip lasted a total of 10 days and by its end we had driven over 3400 miles. Here's how it went:

Day One: Chicago, Illinois to Grand Island, Nebraska

Day Two: Grand Island, Nebraska to Estes Park, Colorado

Day Three: Estes Park, Colorado

Day Four: Estes Park, Colorado to Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Day Five: Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Taos, New Mexico

Day Six: Taos - Pueblo de Taos

Day Seven: Taos - Ojo Caliente Springs

Day Eight: Taos - Rio Grande Whitewater Rafting

Day Nine: Taos, New Mexico to El Reno, Oklahoma

Day 10: El Reno, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois

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