Road Trip 2008 - Day Five: Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Taos, New Mexico

One Day 5, we set out toward our primary destination, Taos, New Mexico. My intended route was to take CO-82 through Aspen and "Independence Pass" at an elevation of 12,000 feet, but the pass was still closed due to snow. So we chose a new, unchartered route heading due south from Glenwood Springs taking CO-133 through the mountains and the CO-92 and Interstate 50 through Morrow Point Resevoir and Curecanti National Recreation Area. From there we followed Interstate 285 out of Colorado and onto Taos.

CO-92 and Interstate 50 provided some of the most scenic, white-knuckle driving of the entire trip. I am a very able and confident driver in heavy urban settings and even on fast-paced highways, but Illinois is FLAT, very flat. Driving at the heights these roads took us through, with sheer cliffs at the pavement's edge with no guardrails whatsoever took every ounce of concentration and cool exterior I could muster. The experience was grand and I wouldn't have traded this route for a more placid one. But at the time there were definitely moments of repressed anxiety. Ive added some photos of the road's wandering, cliff-side path below. I would've taken some photos myself, but I couldn't pry my hands off the steering wheel.

In all, the trip from Glenwood Springs to Taos took about 8 hours and covered 375 miles. The change of scenery, from the lush green forests of Colorado to the gradual browns and reds of New Mexico was marked. This was undoubtedly the most beautiful and amazing drive of the trip.

We got into Taos well before sundown and were able to take a brief look around. We then headed to the nearby town of Arroyo Seco where we had rented a Casita for a few days. The place was quaint, clean and beautifully decorated. It was a wonderful place to "come home to" after our four day trek thus far. We had a very nice dinner at Sabroso in Arroyo Seco and then headed back to the Casita to enjoy a night in the hot tub under the stars.

The route from Glenwoods Spring, CO to Taos, NM:

Some details of CO-92 and Interstate 50:

"Kitty's Casita", Taos (Arroyo Seco), New Mexico:

Onward to Day Six: Taos - Pueblo de Taos

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