Road Trip 2008 - Day Nine: Taos, New Mexico to El Reno, Oklahoma

Well, its Day Nine of our trip and time to starting heading back on the two-day drive to Chicago. Rather than return the same way we arrived, we took the "southern route", comprised mostly of Interstate 40 due East through New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. But first we stopped by Santa Fe, New Mexico and visited several of the Art Galleries on Canyon Road. My favorite was Gallerie Corazon where we coincidentally found paintings by Tracy Turner Sheppard whose art I really connect with. Her paintings, of course, were all too pricey, but my Sweetie Pie Edie bought me a wonderful calendar displaying prints of her work. (Thanks Edie!).

Once out of Santa Fe, we had a pretty full day of driving ahead of us, taking us as far as we could before it got too late. When all was said and done, we had driven over 9 hours and covered 610 miles. We stopped for the night just West of Oklahoma City, in a town called El Reno. The accommodations at the Days Inn were modest but comfortable. We scooped up the free fruit at the reception area, headed back to our room and watched "300" on HBO. I think we both slept very well that night.

The route from Taos to El Reno:

And speaking of Works of Art!!:

Paintings by Tracy Turner Sheppard:

Onward to Day Ten: El Reno, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois

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